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App Approval

Apps can be used for development immediately with a limit of 10 WHOOP members. To launch your app to all WHOOP members, you must first submit your app for approval.

Approval Process

  1. Ensure that you have read, are familiar with, and are abiding by the WHOOP API Terms of Use. As a reminder, in order to use the WHOOP API you must adhere to these terms.
  2. Ensure that you have tested your app with at least one WHOOP member.
  3. Verify your app information is correct in the Developer Dashboard. In particular, make sure your App Name, Contact Email(s), and Privacy Policy URL are filled in and accurate to accelerate the approval process.
  4. Verify your app adheres to the WHOOP Design and Brand Guidelines.
  5. Once ready, fill out an App Submission request that includes designs and other helpful context via this link. Once approved, your app will be able to have more than 10 WHOOP members.