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Before diving into specifics, let's review the process for launching an app on the WHOOP Developer Platform.

1. Sign up for WHOOP

You must have a WHOOP membership to develop an app on the Developer Platform. Your WHOOP account is also your WHOOP developer login. You can join WHOOP here.

2. Create an App in the WHOOP Developer Dashboard

The WHOOP Developer Dashboard is where you register your app with WHOOP. You can create a new app, access your Client Secret, and invite other developers to view and maintain the app. Getting started with the Developer Dashboard will walk you through registering your first app.

You can create up to 5 apps. If you need more, please submit a request for more apps via this link.

3. Authenticate with WHOOP using the OAuth 2.0 protocol

Once you have a Client ID and Client Secret in the Developer Dashboard, you can use the OAuth standard to request consent from WHOOP members to access data on their behalf. Once a WHOOP member grants your app permission, you will receive a per-user Access and Refresh Token that your app uses on requests to the WHOOP API.

4. Make requests to the WHOOP API

WHOOP exposes RESTful endpoints that you can access using the Access and Refresh Token from Step #3: Authenticate with WHOOP. You can view the documentation on the API endpoints here.

5. Launch your app

When you are ready to launch your app, submit it for approval.

Also, consider how request limits may impact your app.