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WHOOP Developer Platform

WHOOP is on a mission to unlock human performance. We want companies and developers that share our mission to join us on the journey.

The goal of the WHOOP Developer Platform is to empower developers and companies to create robust apps and integrations with WHOOP. We believe empowering WHOOP members to share their insights and data with other apps can help them achieve their personal goals - whether that is sleeping better, reaching a new fitness goal, or living a healthier lifestyle.

The WHOOP Developer Platform documentation includes the information you need to design, develop, launch, and support your app.


WHOOP 101 is where you learn about the core concepts and science behind WHOOP, including Recovery, Sleep, Strain, and Workouts.

Are you new to WHOOP?

Start with WHOOP 101. We believe developing a successful app requires understanding the core concepts and science behind WHOOP.

Developing Your App

Check out our guide to help you get started with developing and launching your first app. You will learn how to register your app, make requests to WHOOP on behalf of a member, what data is available, and considerations before launching to your users.

Are you developing for a WHOOP Unite™ account?

Contact your WHOOP Unite™ account representative for the relevant documentation first.


Tutorials provide sample code and guides for common patterns such as authenticating with WHOOP or requesting a member's current Recovery Score.

API Reference Docs

API Reference Docs include what API endpoints are available and how to make requests to them including the URL, required parameters, and response body.